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17 December 2008

2nd tag by didi........

status of you and the last person you sent a text to.
* Teman.

do you have any plans for saturday?
*i think no!..

when was the last time you got flowers?
* beberapa bulan yg lepas...abg syam bg...hehehehe...thanx...

has anyone ever seen you in your underwear?
* Ada.

Do you love anyone?
* Yup,ofcouse.

Are you sad or happy?
* hepi.. :]

Are you in love?
* Yes.

Have you read the book Twilight?
* No

If you had a chance to get back together with your ex, would you?
* no!..i hate him

Do you think your attractive?
* Haha...i think??????

What do you like about yourself?
* patient

Is there someone on your mind?
* Yes

Do you think someone is talking behind your back?
* Yes, coz i think not all of my friendz like my attitude

Do you like it when guys have egos?
* Sometimes,yes

Do you hate your friends?
* No

Do you remember your first crush's name?
* faizal

What are you?
* si kecik molek berkacamata..=)

did you kiss anyone today?
* No.

are you a mean person?
* huhu..gud question...i think, I'am a mean person for him

are you excited for anything?
* gajet n travel

have you let someone down in the last week?
* Yes

are you close with your siblings?
* Yup!

do you get along with your parents?
* Yes, i do

are you in a good mood right now?
* Yes,..I'am hepi today

who was the last person you spoke on the phone for over an hour?
*My mom

do you like to make the first move?
* Oh ya. Sometime.

do you hate it when people smoke around you?
* yeah..bau asap busyuk

whats something you really want right now, be honest:
*Money... to buy new fon n anything

whats the longest you've ever talked on the phone?
* gossip

has anyone ever sang to you?
* didi..:)

do you get emotional easily?
*Depends on mood

is there a person of the opposite sex who means alot to you?
* adalah.

has someone ever made a promise to you and broken it?
* Yes..=(

Who do you want someone back in your life?
* family n him

tag pada amer,rez, along Arman n ejah

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